Fellow Membership (FAIR)

1. Minimum 5 Years of professional experience with Doctorate Degree (Phd) and submit Scan Copy of Phd Degree are eligible to be a Fellow Membership.

2. Individual with illustrious career and significant contribution towards the cause of education and research to their credit through publications/ research, faculty contribution, educational initiatives will be preferred.

3. Fellow membership certificate will be given to all fellow members.

4. Membership fee is 2500 INR (Indians) & 50 $ (International Member)

Life  Membership (LMAIR)

1. Academician, scientist, research scholars and Master Students. Submit a Scan Copy of Master Degree/ Masters enrolled University/College ID Card  are eligible to be a life member.

2. Life membership certificate will be given to all life members. 

3. Membership fee is 1500 INR (Indians) & 25 $ (International Member).

Student  Membership (SMAIR)

1. Enrolled in any Higher Education Course in University/College and  Submit a Scan copy of University/College ID Card are eligible to be a Student membership.

2. Student membership certificate will be given to all   Student  members. 

3. Membership fee is 1000 INR (Indians) & 15 $ (International Member).


  • AIR Fellows Member is authorized to use title  FAIR for Academic Usage Eg. Dr. Amresh Ahuja, FAIR.

  • AIR Life Member is authorized to use title  LMAIR for Academic Usage Eg. Mr. K. Rahman, LMAIR. 

  • AIR Student Member is authorized to use title  SMAIR for Academic Usage Eg. Ms. Madhvi Ahuja, SMAIR.

  • AIR Members will receive as prestigious membership certificate which is essential for academic and professional enhancement.

  • FellowMembership/Life Membership/Student Membership will be for whole life. There is no need to renew the membership.

  • AIR Membership is to be paid once and it is for whole life.

  • Members are exempted from  50% registration fee for all National and Internal Seminar/Conferences in upcoming days.

  • Preference will be given to AIR Fellows/Life Member to represent on behalf of AIR at various platforms as speaker.

  • Fellow Member of AIR Will be Apply for International Governance.

  • Life Member of AIR Will be Apply for State Governance/Women state Governance.

  • Student Member of AIR Will be Apply for Student Governance.

  • Apply for Various AIR International Awards. 

  • AIR Member Will also be get discount from copyright fee for all AIR International Awards.